Thanks for signing up for the run! The forecast's calling for aptly moody cloud-cover with a very slight chance of rain and a high of 52 -- typical maritime weather!

As many of you have already heard, because we had only a couple of people signed up for Ahab's Half, we had to cancel the long run. I may have been over-optimistic in estimating how many people would be available to take time out of the conference -- or for Seattle runners, time off work -- to run all over the city. It was a grand idea, but probably better suited to a weekend. If you're from Seattle and want to do that run (and patronize Phil ... Seven Hills has been SUPER supportive of the event), check back with me in a few weeks and we can organize something a little less formal.

The good news is that we all get to run the Queequeg Quickie together: five miles for a relatively straight shot from Capitol Hill to Brouwer's in Fremont, with a pit stop at the Glass Slipper, where Alexis and friends have orchestrated quite the treat of a reading on the water. The boat will be docked in Lake Union Park, about halfway through the run. It's a fairly small park, so it shouldn't be difficult to find the Glass Slipper.

Stay as long as you like at the reading, and then make your way over to Brouwer's for the after-party. I believe several of the readers will be joining us over there as well.

Cassie and I will be at Fleet Feet by 2:50 PM.

We'll be leaving the store at 3:10 PM

If you plan on running (or starting) with the group, please get there before 3:10. The store's about half a mile up the hill from the Washington State Convention Center: just walk up the hill on Pike, turn left on Broadway, walk one block, and turn right on Pine (it's at 911 East Pine, near Molly Moon's Ice Cream, two blocks from Richard Hugo House). Please familiarize yourself with the route map and directions (below and on the website)... it may be a good idea to carry these with you.

As we've noted on the website, there are many easy ways to get back downtown from Brouwer's. Multiple bus lines leave regularly from the Fremont neighborhood and take 20 minutes to reach the Convention Center (plan your trip using this Web-based app: http://tripplanner.kingcounty.gov, or just walk out to the street and ask a bus driver). Several of us will also have cars and be more than happy to give you a lift, provided we're leaving around the same time. I would not suggest taxis, however, because the taxis in Seattle suck.